Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 12

Only a couple more days until you come home! H & A both woke up around 6:45 which was a nice little break for me. That extra 15 minutes was great. I was finally able to fall asleep without taking a Tylenol PM. 

I am really sorry that you had a lot of work, and stressful work today. What you are doing sounds insane intense and I can understand that you would be worried your calculations were incorrect since there is millions of dollars on the line. I know that you will make the right decision and there is no shame in asking someone else for their opinion before you make a final decision. 

I love that H woke up today and announced "I love Daddy!" It was really cute because we weren't talking about you at all. Clearly you were on his mind. The kids are going to be crazy excited to see you Sunday morning. You will not be able to get them off of you. 

Today was pretty normal. Nothing really crazy happened. I think that A is getting some molars in and that H has a cold. Both kids have runny noses both H sounds legitimately stopped up. Poor A must not be sleeping well because she is constantly rubbing her eyes and the second she gets in the car, she gets all glassy-eyed and zones out. She also kinda looks awful. I feel so bad for her. 

The kids discovered the "treasure" from H's birthday while Uncle Kevin & you dad were over. It has been 3 days now and both kids love to wear the necklaces around the house. A is demanding to wear them everywhere!

H came home with a Shamrock today.  He has been talking about it since Monday and was very upset that it didn't come home with him on Monday. It is a cute little shamrock and he was so excited about it that I wanted to put it up immediately.  It is actually pretty cute and doesn't look crazy bad up in our living room but I think that I will move it to him room in the next few days. 

After quiet time we called Gma to make sure that she was home and then packed up and headed over there. We were there for about an hour and a half. She looked good and was up and moving around. The kids loved her tiaras and magnifying glasses. 

H told her all about our trip to the beach and a restaurant. It was really cute. Gma was very glad that we were spending time with your dad. She thinks that it is very good for him.  While I was there, Margeaux and Traci called to wish Gma a happy birthday. Both were very surprised to hear that you were in Germany. Clearly there is not a lot of communication between the Keitzers and the Blacks right now. It made me feel good that we had gone to visit her since no one else was today. Aunt Sheila & Uncle Jimmy are taking her out to dinner. If they weren't, I was going to order pizza for all of us but I am glad that she is getting a nice dinner for her birthday. We will have to try to see her next week.  H & A came home with some cranberry juice and Cheddar flavored rice cakes which H calls "Cheetos". Where he learned the name Cheetos I have no idea but both kids loved those rice cakes. It cracks me up the Gma always sends H home with some kind of food.  The kids had a great time and it was really good to see Gma since I didn't get to see her at E-street. 

We love you and miss you! I can't wait to see you. Only 3 more days until I see you! I hope that Thursday is better than Wednesday for you. 

PS: I just had cereal for dinner after the kids went to bed. It was amazing until every time the spoon hit the bowl and made a "clink", H would start whining and crying. I waited until I finished to ask him what was wrong and he asked me if I was going to eat ALL the cereal. Your son was seriously crying in his room because he thought I was eating all the cereal.   That kid is crazy!

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