Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 5

I found the Chromecast wall plug in and Chromecast worked perfectly last night. I was able to watch 3 episodes of House of Cards in bed. That was great but I might actually start watching them in the living room again because while I am in bed I have no self control and will continue to watch episodes even when I know that I should be asleep

Speaking of sleep, how do you like sleeping in a king bed and not having to wear your mouth guard?

The kids have been waking up in great moods, per usual, but it really helps this not-a-morning-person mama get going a little faster in the morning. I love to have breakfast on the table for them when they get out of their room. I think the smell of food just makes those 2 happy.  They come into the play room and jump around the laugh and smile. It is good for me to start me day with those smiles. I have been steering away from cereal the past 2 days. I don't think that it is filling enough for H and he really doesn't eat as much as he would for a waffle. So, they have been been getting waffles with some apple or banana. 

So far the "no TV if you ask about it" has gone pretty well. This morning he didn't ask about TV, maybe because he had a dirty diaper he was more concerned with, so he got to watch Mickey Mouse Road Rally with breakfast. I made a big deal about him not talking about TV so that is why we were able to watch it.  He actually did a good job during the day with me telling him No. No whining or anything. 

Julington Creek Pest Control is coming out tomorrow. If they get rained out they will be out on Friday. I must be getting old because I am pretty excited about getting someone to come in and take care of the lawn. 

Dinner with your dad was really good. We went to La Nopolera and the kids were excellent. Your dad seemed impressed with them. Your dad said that Kristin might not come down this weekend. Their dog "Puppy" has like colon or liver cancer and they might have to put down in the next day or so. Its pretty sad. I will miss having them here. Your dad joked that if Kristin comes down they are going to want to stay with us. I let him know that is fine. They can have our bed. I think Kristin would love seeing the kids all the time. 

Your dad left us a check... for $750.00. He also mentioned us telling him how much our flights are because he is going to have us book a ticket for Kevin and he will pay us back. So, if Kevin goes to Conors wedding, he will be traveling with us!

Stinks about no Cuckoo clocks. I am sure you will be able to find some other cool thing for them to get. 

As you saw when we Skyped, H is very into his "Go Noles" hat and we played "baseball" in his hallway. A was not that great at throwing the ball but VERY into it. H had great form and would have played it all night if I let him. It was really cute how excited he got about throwing the ball back and forth. He would yell "I'm a baseball player" every time he threw. I tried to get a video of it but he got very shy. 

A is once again obsessed with her owl hat. She took it to bed with her tonight along with her PooPoo Bear.  The things that she becomes obsessed with amaze me. 

Mom sent me a video one of the teachers took of him at school. It isn't interesting but I thought that you might like to see it. 

I love you and hope that you had a great night & day. 

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