Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 3

I got off my bum and tried Chromecast in the Living Room. It worked great so the problem is our TV which bums me out because I really want to lay in bed and watch House of Cards. I read online that people have unplugged one end and plugged it into the wall adapter. If ours came with a wall adapter we should do that in the room. Maybe I will look for one. 

A has discovered the ability to walk backwards a few steps. She spent all morning taking 2 steps forward and 2 steps back. Cracks me up how excited she gets about it.  She has also taken to walking around with a stroller and cell phone. So... she is a mini-me. 

The weather was beautiful today. I went out back and started to pull up all the tall grass like you asked. There sure is a lot.  H & A loved to help out with it. I got all the big ones up. I will slowly work on the little ones but it is hard because that ground stays permanently wet and I sink down into it. A got so dirty while I was pulling weeds. I feel like she was falling down on purpose. 

It kinda amazes me that life is going on as usual. I didn't really expect the world to fall apart while you were gone but I did expect things to feel different, weird. It does feel weird not to have you here at night or in the morning but the days are exactly the same as they always are. CRAZY.

I plan on taking the kids to the zoo tomorrow for the Tiger Exhibit.  I think that H will love it! Especially since we have watched them build it and he still loves to pretend to be a tiger.  I am going to see if Sarah wants to come to with her kids. H would love that. 

I called Julington Creek Pest Control (that's who mom & dad use for their lawn). Someone is going to come out tomorrow to look things over and give me an estimate. I will share that with you and then we will see if we want to use them. 

The kids have suddenly taken to books like crazy today. A has been pushing a Llama Llama book around in her stroller all day and they both put books on the ground and "read" them after dinner. Super cute.

After we got off Skype with you A sat there and continued to make kissing noises at the computer. She sure does love you. Have you noticed that her hugs are way better than H's. She actually wraps her arms around you and squeezes. After I got her out of the shower she wrapped her arms around me and would not let go. Like seriously would not let go. It was kinda nice to have her derive such comfort from our hugs that she doesn't want them to stop. 

I made BLT pasta for dinner. I thought that it was delicious. A ate all but the lettuce and H didn't like any of it. I finally just asked him to eat only the pasta and bacon.  I know that you won't like it so I will keep it around for when you are out of town. 

H and I had a great night after A went to bed. We played hide-and-seek. I taught a new hiding place behind our curtains and the kid cackled every time on of us would hide there. I am sure that he will use it next time you play with him. I have decided that I am really going to work on him actually counting things. He can count but not accurately. After hide-and-seek we went into his room and played with his train. I showed him how to use his legs as a tunnel so we spent the next ten minutes watching the train go through each others legs and laughing. It was very nice to have a day with little whining and lots of laughter. 

So, today was a good day. I hope that you had a great day as well and got a great nights sleep. 

I have attached 2 pics of the kids. 1 of them reading after dinner and then other one of H SUPER excited to go to school. 


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