Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The perfect winters day

Today was a day I had waited for for over 15 months. The weather is unseasonably warm (high is 81) and Florida's Snow (what I affectionally call Pollen in the winter) made a thin yellow blanket on top of everything. And the Keitzers could be found outside!  

I was on one of our adarondack chairs reading a book while the kids played. Together. That's right. Not only were we enjoying the warm winters day with enough breeze to be comfortable but H & A were playing together in the backyard. 

A is finally old enough to walk around so I am not freaking out about her crawling in dirt but she is still young enough to think everything her brother does is amazing and worthy to copy. H loves having someone to boss around but is kind enough to choose activities that A can play along with. 

One moment I hope to never forget is the two of them spinning in circles laughing. H looks at me with a smile and said "I spin in circles with my sister!" This is the very first time he has called her his sister and it made me feel like we were finally a family. I needed H to acknowledge the relationship to make it complete. 

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