Saturday, March 15, 2014

Day 13

H did not sleep well last night. He woke up 3 times and would cry... all before 11 pm. So, I didn't get to sleep until around midnight. The one good thing is that he woke up from his cold and would go right back to sleep as soon as I would go in and turn on Hootie. The last time that I went in, he looked at me and said "I yove you mom." That was really nice to be the last thing that I heard from him.  I think  tonight I am going to put a big book under the mattress near his pillow to help with drainage. I am sure that he woke up because he was stuffed up. 

I forgot to tell you yesterday that I ordered Mallory & Tylers wedding present. I realized that their wedding is not that far away so I had it shipped directly to their house. 

I am glad that you had a good day. It makes me feel better knowing that you are getting stuff done and being successful. 

A has started walking up the step in our house without using any assistance (chair, table, etc). I think that is a big deal. Even H noted it to me and clapped his hands and yelled "Yay Anns". Sometimes that kid can be so sweet. 

A is getting smarter and smarter. She really is communicating well. She was cuddling in my lap and pointed to my water. 
A: Mamas
Me: Yep. That's mine
A: Mamas (pointing to the water again). 
Me: Yes. That is Mama's water. Do you want water?
A: Nods yes
Me: Do you want me to get you some water?
A: Nods yes and says "Wawa".

I don't know why but that amazes me.  She is just such a talker. 

H has not been nice to her today. He does not want to play with her and she is trying so hard to play with him. The electricity was off all morning (not sure why since since it wasn't raining). H decided to play with his legos. I am all for it since he hasn't played with them in a while. He made a train and was working construction with the Legos. A tried to join in by adding a man and bringing in a car and he grabbed the man from her hand and tossed it to the other side of the room. I was furious! 1) you don't throw toys around, 2) she was trying to play with him and he was being a raccoon. 

I kinda feel bad for H. To survive, I have made a few new rules that I think are rocking his world and might be a bit much all at once. I have started the "If you ask about watching a show, the answer is no" and "if there is something on the ground and you step on it, I automatically take it away for a day". The kids loves to step on stuff just to step on stuff. Just because something is on the ground does not mean that you have to step on it. I am tired of it, so I am taking away his toys when he steps on them and they aren't supposed to be stepped on.  I have also started doing chores. I still have not printed out the chore chart but every morning we make his bed, put his clothes in the dirty clothes hamper and tidy up his room and he gets to put a coin in his dinosaur bank. I tried to call it a piggy bank but he quickly corrected me to let me know that it was a dinosaur not a pig. 

My clothes from The Limited came. I want your opinion on a few of them. I like them but I am not sure if you will like them. 

H did not nap today. Instead he played in his room and kept calling me to tell me that Hootie isn't glowing. I had to remind him that Hootie isn't glowing because quiet time isn't over. 

Poor guy must have grown over the night. The poor guy fell more times than I could count. It was almost annoying. Not almost, it was really annoying. Every time I turned around he was crying because he fell. 

A cracks me up. After we talked to you we played for a little bit and then I announced we were going to get some dinner for me. A literally  did her happy feet dance and yelled "Yay Yay Yay!" That girl gets excited about food of every kind. 

Here are some pictures of her having a tea party:

H went right to bed tonight. He brought the whole bucket of legos in to play with and didn't even play with them at all. Very surprising since he was been staying up to play with his toys.  He must have been VERY tired. Maybe that is why he was crying a lot today. 

 Small group is cancelled tomorrow. Lynn is out of town with her daughter. I am bummed about that but it will be nice to be at home for a little bit and get stuff done before H has spring break next week. 

I love you and can't wait to see you in about 48 hours.

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